Discover Securho® the new device that monitors and protects your properties from theft, intrusion or acts of vandalism.

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Securho® integrates the functionalities in a single device; an alarm control unit and a Digital Video Recorder.

Thanks to the management of different communication channels, Securho® can interface with pre-existing alarm control units and with wired, wireless and radio sensors:

  • Smoke detectors
  • Flood detectors
  • Gas detectors
  • Motion detectors
  • Intrusion detectors
  • Remote Controls
  • Camcorders
Why choose securo
  • Ease of installation, configuration and use
  • Expandability: thanks to the management of different communication channels (WiFi, Ethernet, Zwave, Wired)
  • Scalability: Securho® interfaces with an almost series; unlimited devices
  • Constant monitoring of the correct functioning of all devices connected to it
  • Remote control from PC and Smartphone
  • Autonomy of use thanks to a powerful battery
  • Security: All sensitive data will be protected with encryption
  • User support (Help Desk, patch release and updates)



Securho® and

Securho® allows you to enter the world of Through the® platform, those who own Securho® can activate their alarm system, deactivate it, watch the images transmitted by the cameras in real time and find out if any adverse events are occurring.

The owners Securho® can also purchase the products and services offered by companies, installers, resellers and surveillance institutes on® and associate them with their device.

Your home, your office, your shop finally smart and safe!

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  • 4x Arm® Cortex®-A9 up to 1.2 GHz per core
  • 1 MB L2 cache
  • 32 KB instruction and data caches
  • NEON SIMD media accelerator
  • 2GB DDR3-1066 SDRAM memory at 533MHz
  • GPU 3D - Vivante GC2000, 200Mtri/s 1000Mpxl/s, OpenGL ES 3.0 and Halti, CL EP
  • GPU 2D (Vector Graphics) - Vivante GC355, 300Mpxl/s, OpenVG 1.1
  • GPU 2D (Composition) - Vivante GC320, 600Mpxl/s, BLIT
  • Video Decode, 1080p 60 h.264
  • Video Encode, 1080p30 H.264 BP/ Dual 720p encode
  • Expandable memory with Micro SD card up to 64 GB
  • Saving data on NAS devices
  • 1 GBPS + IEEE®1588 Ethernet card
  • WiFi 2.4GHz or 5.0GHz
  • Z-Wave wireless
  • GSM module (Plus version)
  • 2 USB ports
  • 4 digital inputs
  • 4 digital outputs
  • 12Volt DC
  • Backup battery type Nickel metal hydrate (NiMH) with autonomy i 4 h
Operating system
  • Linux (based on kernel 5.4)
Environmental operating conditions
  • Temperature from -10° to + 50°C
  • Humidity 20% to 80%
  • (LxPxH) 175x135x55 mm
Short installation manual

Make sure that Securho® is switched on and connected to the internet. Complete the product registration procedure on the® platform. Configure and program sensors and zones through the® platform

  • Easy to install and configure
  • It allows the purchase and use of Security Services through the® platform
  • Fast in reacting and responding to critical events
  • Creation of a 15-second high-definition video for each alarm signal (5 seconds before the alarm and 10 seconds after it)
  • Compatible with all safety devices and devices currently on the market
  • Highly configurable for every user need
  • It can be interfaced with pre-existing alarm systems
  • Connectable to an unlimited number of wireless sensors (WiFi and Z-Wave), and up to 8 IP cameras
  • Possibility of defining programmed ignitions and automated arming cycles
  • Ability to define an unlimited number of zones and partitions (areas)
  • Sensitive data always safe thanks to the latest generation of encryption algorithms
  • Manageable remotely through the® platform and via the® App (Android and iOS)
  • Virtual Remote Control via Smartphone (Securho® App downloadable from Android and iOS stores)

Securho® Professional Certification

The world of Securho® is open and constantly evolving: surveillance institutes, manufacturers, distributors and retailers installers can market Securho®, thus enriching their offer with a revolutionary and unique product in the security sector.

It is for them that the Securho® Professional Certification was born, which offers all the tools to compete on a constantly changing market.

  • Technical training for pre and post sales assistance
  • Training on compatible devices
  • Free access to technical assistance
  • Constant update on news (patch release and updates)
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